Sort and structure your notes by topic notepads. You can create, rename, delete notepads, move notes from one notepad to another, open access to other users and assign them rights to view or edit information in the current notepad, block notepads with a password, thereby protecting your personal information.

Organize notes on personal notepads

The most common way to structure notes in Simplanum is to use notepads, which are often used to categorize notes by category, location on a map, or destination. For example, you can create a notepad called Work Meetings and a Family Shopping notepad to share information and make notes more comfortable to find.

What can be done with notepads?

Organize notes in notepads to browse, search, and share notes on a single topic. For example, you can create a notepad for the following categories of notes:

- Training projects
- Working meetings
- Travel planning
- Creative projects
- Poetry
- Passwords
- Receipts
- Health
- Meetings with friends
- Documents and files

Protect information with private notepads

To control access to your personal information: store it in private notepads, which are accessed by entering a password, Touch ID, or Face ID.

Share information systematically using shared notepads

In Simplanum, you can join in groups not only for specific events but also for familiar topics, creating shared notepads. The structure of the rights of collaboration and the scope of their capabilities are similar both in working with shared notes and in working with shared notepads, only now you do not need to add participants to each note separately, all participants in a shared notepad will automatically become members of a new note of this notepad, inheriting rights that were assigned to them in this notepad.

Note: Having Admin, Editor и Reader, you have the right to change the rights of Admin, Editor и Reader participant in a specific note manually.

Note: If you created a personal notepad, you could make it either private or shared (we remind you that the number of possible personal and shared notepads depends on the type of subscription you have.) You cannot make a notepad private and shared at the same time. You can always change one function of a notepad to another. Disable the active function first and enable another.