Create joint shopping lists, plan family events, and attach photos of shared events to them so that everyone can have quick and easy access to shared information. You can also invite your family members to events through shared events to quickly notify them of a change in time, date or location

Principle of collaboration

By organizing your information together, you multiply the strengths of everyone, knowingly save your time and time of your friends/colleagues by searching for this or that information. Your long mixed dialogs are replaced by notes structured by notepads - topics and certain events in your life, supplemented by the necessary media files and other additional materials.

hared Rights

There are several types of rights in Simplanum that determine a member’s ability to share.

The right to view and edit the contents of a note and change the number and rights of participants in a note.

The right to view and edit the contents of the note.

The right to view the contents of the note.

Note: The number of participants that you can add to the entry and the rights that you can assign to them depends on the type of subscription you have.