How did the idea of Simplanum come about?

As Keene Hubbard said: Most people confuse the inability to manage time with fate; the person who started the whole story does not just agree with this statement but considers time to be the only irreplaceable resource. Having written all the diaries given for the New Year and Birthdays, packing one box after another and clogging the pantry with them, burying your ideas and plans deeper, losing treasured sheets, forgetting sketches on the summer terrace and racking your brain which of the 7 passwords on different pages is correct, our hero decided that where there is a problem - there is a solution.

Why reinvent the wheel?

It is not a secret that modern life requires us to always be on horseback, and therefore, first of all, to effectively manage our time and information. Our project was born when we realized that we spend much time on combining information into a single whole. It's a paradox, but you can't "tie" a large text from "Notes," add a file from the cloud, or a photo to an event in the calendar! The information on one event is in several different (!) apps, and you have to switch regularly to get the full picture. When there are a lot of such events, wasting time on "juggling" apps becomes critical. Having tried many different solutions, we concluded that there is no universal solution, so we will have to implement the functionality we need in our project - this is how our team caught fire with this product and has been burning for more than 7 years.

How is Simplanum different from other electronic organizers?

The key idea of Simplanum, which distinguishes it from any other product, is to combine several functions in one app. The combination of notes, notepads, calendar, and cloud storage - allows you to work with the same information in different modes and on different grids because it is more convenient to see the workload of the day in the "calendar," but to find something in the "List." Notes with texts of any size and check sheets, attached documents, photos, audio-notes - all this allows us to call Simplanum a unique tool for planning and organizing proudly.