1.1 All your data belong only to you

We do not own your data. Post notes or other content in Simplanum in no way changes an owner or a legal status.

1.2 All your data are private

All the information you post in Simplanum is private.

We do not specialize in “Big Data” and do not try to earn money upon your information. We never disclose or sell your data to third parties for any purposes.

1.3 Your data are accessible only to you

We use two-factor authentication including mandatory phone number verification, therefore access to your data is fully controlled by you.

All operating mechanisms with the server are built so that access to your data is not possible without confirmation with code from a SMS to your phone number.

Simplanum, like most Cloud servers, has its own administration tool. Using it, our support team can solve users’ problems. We restrict access to a user’s data for this tool, so, even our employees do not have any access to your data .

1.4 What data does Simplanum collect about you?

For system availability monitoring and load analysis we collect anonymised data on customers’ activity. These data do not contain any personal information but only application start-up act and a device’s technical information. We use them solely for customer base structure analysis and at service development planning.

2. Security

2.1 Resilience and Availability

We try to produce only high-quality products and place special emphasis on security and their user-friendliness.

Simplanum - is fault-tolerant network architecture, which guarantees access to the service at any time, from anywhere in the world:

  • The network infrastructure with redundant, load balancer and firewall;
  • Scalable system architecture based on variety of independent segments;
  • Segments consists of two replicated servers suitable for hot swapping in case of failure of any;
  • Servers with redundant power supply and network equipment, as well as RAID-configuration storage.

Our collocation service provider ensures failsafe service, such as feeding, conditioning and fire-fighting.

We create backup copies of all content not less than once a day and replicate them to data processing backup centre via private network connection. Due to it we can restore work even in case of failure of entire site in main data processing centre.

We do not store backups on a portable or removable storage devices.

2.2. Information security

We restrict access to our production infrastructure spending with strong authentication.

We protect our service from distributed denial of service (DDoS) using attack mitigation service by request.

Protection of an Internet-borne web-service is the most important aspect of your data security.

Our security department implements application protection program improving code safety and periodically controlling the service for widespread problems with security, such as Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF), attack through SQL injection (XSS, SQLi), session management and URL-redirection, etc.

We encrypt your data at transmission using industry standard technologies, namely TLS or SSL protocols.

In Simplanum we keep server logs of interactions of our customers with our services. The log files fix any resource access operation, as well as actions via our API and errors occured. Successful and failed login attempts are fixed.

We do not collect any activity logs from your Simplanum App.

2.3. Financial security

To operate paid subscriptions Simplanum uses solely native solutions of Apple AppStore and Google PlayMarket. So, no data on your Accounts and Credit Cards pass to Simplanum.

Any money payment from your account is processed by Apple or Google as part of paid subscriptions available at you.

2.4. Physical Security

When you synchronize your notes with our servers, they get stored in one of our data processing centers which are closed objects.

Each of them passes type 2 SOC-1 audit which approves its capability of infrastructure physical protection. Physical access to the infrastructure is available only at operations staff.

All Simplanum data are stored in the territory of USA. Our data processing main and backup centers are located on the western and eastern coasts in different regions of the country.