The history of the product begins in January 2012: the team takes on the development of the concept of an electronic instrument, which will not only combine the organization, coordination and storage of personal information, but will become a personal assistant:that will prompt, remind, find.

May 15, 2013, the first release of “BossNote”

BossNote becomes the prototype of the multifunctional, exciting, and easy-to-use product the team wanted. Its software core will be the basis for the future development of the tool.

3 September 2014 BossNote v.2.0

19 October 2015 BossNote v.3.0

25 December 2016 - First release of Simplanum app “Simplanum”

Simplanum became the reincarnation of BossNote and the embodiment of the ideal formula, which at that time has been developed by the team for 4 years. Simplanum is a combination of not only the already established postulate of merging the calendar, notepad, and storage, but also many spectacular details that have transformed the instrument into a more "lively," deep and thoughtful organism, which has earned the trust of a large number of users

21 January 2017 Simplanum v.1.1

8 March 2017 Simplanum v.1.2

23 May 2017 Simplanum v.1.3

14 April 2018 Simplanum v.1.3.9

February 1, 2020, the first release of the application “Simplanum 2”

The second version of Simplanum would be called the 20th version more correctly - because there is practically nothing from the 1st version. Technically, we've redesigned everything from the language in which the iOS version of the client is written (now Swift 5) to the new and high-performance API based on Google Cloud and Kubernetes Microservices Simplanum has become much more optimized and fast on the clients and reliable and secure on the server

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